Story update and life update

So, I haven’t posted any new chapters in a while, and I’m sorry about that. My Classified chapter has been mostly finished for over a week now, but I wanted to wait until I had finished a Frogmen chapter as well before posting it. Because both chapters were long overdue.

Why the long wait between chapters?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, SCHOOL! Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m glad to be back in school, but the projects are a LOT of work. Homework? No. Projects? Currently we have two projects ongoing and because I’m a perfectionist, they require a lot of work. On top of that, learning a new language. I’m learning German. I’m not any good at it, at ALL.

However, between schoolwork and social interactions with actual people not online, I’m continuously tired. So when I get a moment to myself, I have a hard time pushing myself to write, and when I do feel like writing, I focus on an outline for my Original Story. Because yes, I am serious in wanting to write my own book.

I just don’t want to ever abandon a story I started.

So, are the updates gonna be as steady as they were with TaW? Probably not. Am I gonna try to keep them coming without too long a wait? Hell yea. Is that always gonna work? No.

Now enough about my life, here are the two updates:

CLASSIFIED ch. 4. Miles

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Ch. 20. Aegis

Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!
Love, Annie

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Double Entendre

Not really, but it has the word double in it, and it’s a Double Update again! Classified and Frogmen, to no one’s surprise ever.

Side-note: School has started again, so I hope the chapters don’t seem too rushed. Especially the Frogmen one as that was mostly written in two days….most of it today, I admit. Though I LOVE the ending of this Frogmen chapter.

Side-note 2: School has started again. Kill me.

CLASSIFIED :: CH. 3. Meeting a Birdy 

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Ch. 19. Self-Propelled Sandbags

Hope you enjoy!
xx Annie

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Classified Frogmen

As in, double update.

Nothing witty to say except, you know, Classified chapter was supposed to be 2000 words, not 4500. Oopsie?

Welp, hope you lot enjoy the chapters!

CLASSIFIED: Ch. 2. Little Lady


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Ch. 18. 2-6-10

Love, Annie

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Well…AoS/Avengers first chap is up!

Which, huh, I didn’t expect to be able to get out soon. Nor did I expect to type 3000 words like blam. Heh, I liked writing the first chapter. Still gotta find Skye’s voice a bit, but I’m already 300 words into the next chapter as well.

Well, don’t have a banner for this story yet, so I’ll just do a bold-underline-italic-centred for Chappies for now.

Hope you all enjoy the first chapter of CLASSIFIED

Ch. 1. Eyeless Pirate 

Love, Annie

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I’m baaack!

Somewhat. A wee bit.

I mean, somehow going to England fucked up my sleep. Don’t ask me how, I don’t fucking know. It’s only 1 hour time difference, but sleep has eluded me the last two nights. I need my sleep. My beauty sleep.

Similarly, because I was on holiday with my friend (met him when I was 15 on an internet radio chat room, have known him for 5 years, met him for the first time IRL on my holiday, had a blast because he’s just as much of a lovable dickhead as ever and his parents were fucking ace and let me stay in the guest room) I wasn’t able to write. Honestly didn’t want to (side note: I did buy around 9 second hand books and got a couple of books from the mum and dad (they were cleaning a room and had bookcase of books they were gonna donate. Have I said the parents were ace yet? They were ace.))

I didn’t even bring my laptop! Pretty sure that caused some withdrawal.

But anyway, I would have liked to be able to post this chapter Wednesday, but it was only half-finished. And I didn’t want to give you lot half a chapter, so it’s up a day (and, okay, half an hour into another day) late.

Hope it isn’t too much of a mess! (Stick around for further down the post for hopeful new story info)

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Ch. 17. DEVGRP

Now, onto the new story bits. Because TaW is officially wrapped up, I’m thinking about booting up another project besides Frogmen. I have two ideas currently swimming in my head, begging to be written.

True Blood/Hannibal (Hopefully humor. Wouldn’t want it to be too serious, though, it IS Hannibal, I suppose.)
In which Sookie is mostly sane, though after spending most of her childhood and teenage years in a mental asylum, mostly is the best anyone can expect. It’s when news  of the police officer she met back in the asylum, when she was 13 years old and he had been her roommate for two short months, reaches her, that shit gets crazy. Apparently, people think Will capable of actually killing someone in cold blood. And Eric? Poor thing’s just along for the ride. He certainly didn’t see Sookie’s mental instability coming.


Agents of Shield/Avengers (I finished the third season of AoS and caught up on the Cap, Avenger and Ant-Man movies. I fucking love AoS.)
     When the Rising Tide decide that selling the information they dig up is a lucrative business, they lose their best hacker Skye. Instead of helping the former hacktivist organization, Skye ends up anonymously shoring up S.H.I.E.L.Ds defenses before the Rising Tide can compromise their many agents and missions simply for money.
It should have been a one time gig. Skye had been planning on only fighting off that initial attack for the government organization.
She manages to get more involved in S.H.I.E.L.D than she ever expected to be,  somehow ending up joining a STRIKE team, and she vaguely remembered her life not being in danger every odd second!
—> Basically, Skye joins SHIELD under different circumstances, fights Hydra under different circumstances, Rumlow manages not to be a bad guy (because he’s hot and because I say so), Bucky will eventually be involved, Steve is so confused by all this technological advancement and making Skye go undercover at the BUS is one of Fury’s worst. ideas. ever.

I have tons of ideas for the AoS/Avengers one, perhaps more than the TB/Hannibal, but I’m always open to suggestions or opinions. Okay, maybe too open. Meh.


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Another TaW off-shoot

The Bill one-shot you lot asked for!

I had planned to post this *looks at the time and sweats* two days ago, but it didn’t come out the way I liked it previously. So I hemmed and hawed but nothing appeared until now!

Because I’m going on a trip tomorrow to visit my friend in England and I can’t sleep because of nerves.

Fucking nerves.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

Time's a Waitin banner

Oh Billy Boy

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Frogmen ch. 16

The next chap for Frogmen is up!

I will attempt to have the TaW Bill one-shot up next Saturday. It is questionable however, whether I’ll be able to have anything up the Saturday after that. I’m going on holiday to visit a friend in England the next week.

I’ll be leaving next Monday and returning a week later on Tuesday, so we’ll see!

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Ch. 16. Gone Elvis

Hope you enjoy!

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Origin :: Mordecai, pt 3

And the last part of this TaW side-story is up! It’s longer than the other parts (2800+) words in total, and the tone was a little hard to write down successfully, but I’m actually rather happy with the end result!

I hope you all like it!

Mordecai - Alex Pettyfer

Part 3

Love, Annie

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Origin :: Mordecai, pt.2

Tada, here you go!

Mordecai - Alex Pettyfer

Part 2

Love, Annie

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Why do I work better when nearing a deadline?

I’ve had most of this chapter in my head, and have most of the next also already planned out in my head, but I have such a hard time writing when there’s still a long time before the self-imposed deadline.

I’m just bloody glad the deadline seems to work (Hey, I posted the actual chapter 2 minutes BEFORE the deadline. Can’t help it that I’m writing this post 2 minutes AFTER the deadline! (Yes I can, I’m a procrastinator, of course I can help it QQ))

Anyway, new Frogmen chapter ready for you!

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Ch. 15. Shanghaiing

Love, Annie

Also, this dude makes amazing covers!

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